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Hillary Clinton invites you to ‘Trump Yourself’

  • 10. mars 2020

Swiss-based Stromer showed off a $10,000 electric bike. The model’s built-in GPS proved useful, Chris Nolte told me, when that very bike on the floor was stolen from his shop in Brooklyn and cops managed to track it to a hotel room in New Jersey.

Art Powers (yes, that’s his awesome name) brought his Planter Speakers, which are exactly what they sound like — speakers built into outdoor planters — which cost up to $6,000. He said his most expensive installation clocked out at $65,000 for a 5,000-watt system purchased by a hedge fund guy in Piermont, New York.

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I asked how much the whole rig would cost. I refuse to vouch for any of these claims (read the FDA paperwork if you want), but this guy was a shockingly gifted salesman. For a split second, I wondered if I should figure out a way to buy one.

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Reynolds as Deadpool has plenty to say about his own movie, but well, let’s just say there’s a lot of obscenity bleeping going on. You’ll just have to Wade through the video (get it?) and see for yourself if Deadpool’s jabs at everything from superheroes to YouTube celebs are worthy of laughs.

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The researchers suggest the fake horn might be used to flood the underground market, drive down prices and discourage poaching, but they don’t take a stand on whether this is a good idea to put into practice.