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Strategy To Have A Preference For Circuit Board Supplier Located Within The Netherlands

  • 2. desember 2019

About AQC This is AQC.

AQC delivers high quality PCBs to the electronic products industry.

When you purchase from AQC, you are engaging directly with AQC licensed manufacturers with full on-site capabilities. We feel that we provide the best value obtainable in today’s Printed Circuit Board market because of the following advantages:

Economical Pricing

We constantly offer the most acceptable pricing in the industry with no undetectable fees or supplemental charges.

Low Minimums

No matter whether you require prototype or production quantities, we can match your wants.

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Whether your expectations include high density or layer counts, exotic materials or finishes, we have enough AQC manufacturing facilities which have the capabilities to meet them.

Fast Turnarounds

We know that your business is time sensitive. So we will do whatever needs doing to keep us on our commitments.

Customer Satisfaction

We are all set to serve you.

Proven Quality

We stand behind our work. We have the knowledge and expertise to meet your PCB Board requirements and most arduous specifications. All boards will be inspected in our own lab.

The printed circuit board is typically the most fundamental part of any electronic assembly and the most challenging to procure. Just like the basis of a home, your product is only as good as the PWBs that are utilized to create it. Excellence is critical to the success of your product, and we do everything important to insure that our part of your product is immaculate. From design Review to manufacturing to quality control and testing, you can depend on our knowledgeable team of printed circuit industry experts to produce products which you can trust in with no reluctance.

Many thanks for your curiosity about AQC. If you need to get to understand us furthermore and learn what we can do to help deal with your unique PCB Board requires, take the time to e mail us. We anticipate the chance to speak with you, to earn your business by showcasing our capabilities and to lead to your prosperity through providing a reliable, cost-effective collaboration.

Hopefully that you’ll come along as a appreciated buyer.

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